to eat & drink & shop / valentine’s day (petit bateau, macarons, cookshop)

I bought tons of candy into the office. Why are the heart-shaped Jolly Rancher pops… more apple shaped?

My friend, E, was in town from Paris for two nights only. We had to meet up on Valentine’s Day, my favorite night to dine out (note sarcasm).

First things first. She asked if I needed anything from Paris. Of course! Petit Bateau‘s French site had a good sale, so I picked up three of these boatneck tees in black (not pictured), poppy pink, and delta blue.

At the bottom of the goodie bag was a box of macarons from her local patisserie! I devoured these over the last few days. I like how the patisserie doesn’t use jam filling and the macaron is more cakey than just a meringue shell full of air. They are from Passion Forest on 59, avenue des Ternes in the 17e.

We went to Cookshop for dinner. I had confirmed they had a normal menu in addition to the Valentine’s Day menu. While we were waiting to be escorted to our table, there was a woman in front of me wearing the leopard coat of my dreams — it looked like if could be Emmanuelle’s or the By Malene version.. We shared the shrimp beignets with cauliflower and gribiche, the blood orange/ruby grapefruit/cara cara orange/dates/pistachio salad, and spiced carrots. We also shared a bottle of shiraz and each got an New York Stripe steak, which was a pricey disappointment. It was hard to find where the actual meat was under the candlelight! Fat chunks and the bone got in the way. Two tiny red velvet cupcakes came with our check before we bid each other adieu and stumbled into our beds.

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  1. jin said:

    Oh, those macaroons look so delicious!

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