to read / paris versus new york: a tally of two cities

Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan is the perfect affordable gift for anyone who loves New York City and Paris. Both cities are thick with culture, full of good shopping, food, museums, and the list goes on. While Paris has a je nais se quoi sparkle about it, I will admit that its trash is just as smelly as NYC’s. There is no place like New York City or Paris…

It looks like Amazon is having inventory problems at press time, but it should be resolved soon. Also, see the chic postcards that are coming out later this year!

Styled with my Anthropologie curvy chrysanthemum vase and J.Crew’s Fall/Winter 2011 boy shirt in stripe crepe de chine shirt.

  1. dave said:

    chelsea got this book.

    • irene said:

      aww, your first comment!

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