to shop / gossamer birch shell – which color?

I lost track of Anthropologie for a while until Thanksgiving. I can’t resist additional off 50% off sales! And then, I kind of figured out the “secret” behind nabbing sales merchandise. The thing with Anthropologie and J.Crew is that they always have “cheap” stuff on sale. By cheap, I mean, tops for $30 or less, but most of the them, these tops aren’t great fabric content and won’t wear well without constant dry cleaning. I’m not letting myself get sucked into “cheap” sale stuff anymore and am glad that Anthropologie has a wonderful return policy.

During my random jaunts to Anthropologie, I saw this shell by Yoana Baraschi. I consider her brand to be one of the nicer, more substantial ones that Anthropologie carries. She’s the designer behind the popular Veiled Alder Dress, which kept on selling out at full price (and is now 50% off).

I admired its sister, the gossamer birch shell, from afar and finally found two in my size during my many trips to return massively reduced purchases. The strange thing is that the sizing is inconsistent between colors. The red fits bigger. I was debating between colors when I found out that the top was slashed another 50%, so I went back to Anthropologie for a price adjustment because it was within 2 weeks of purchase. It gave me less pressure to decide, but I’m in a get-rid-of-things mode. Which color should I keep? I’m leaning towards the red, but the bff liked the blue.

4 thoughts on “to shop / gossamer birch shell – which color?”

    1. Thanks for reading my post! I need to be better on commenting on yours!

      The good thing is Anthropologie has an open return policy. Still not super convinced to go one way or the other. Need to figure out what to style with it.

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