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Ok, this statistic disturbs me. How is NYC not in the lead? And I really need to curb my own expenses! This was from one of my health magazines…

My last last Birchbox. I actually can’t keep on top of these…

I didn’t know Vosges had so many new (to me) bars. How pretty does pink himalayan sound? Or smoke & stout? Confession: I like looking at chocolate and its packaging way more than eating it. I’m not a big chocolate person.

I got sucked into the J.Crew Timex Traveler watch (for a very good price over the holidays) and interchangeable watch straps. I love going to stores and looking for on sale bands. Too bad I’ve been too lazy lately to accessorize. I need major organizing.

Clare Vivier’s pochettes are so lovely.

Usually Starbucks cups don’t have legible names… I thought this fellow had particularly nice handwriting. Penmanship class paid off.

I love bread with nuts (except walnuts) and dried fruit.

One thought on “general / random pictures”

  1. Mmmmm the fruit/nut bread looks yum.
    C. Vivier pochette: darling! Hmmm, I take it ur monthly spending expense was higher… Yeah, that took me by surprise too. Love the timex watch! So cute!

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