to eat / {my east village} masak + led zeppole

A few friends and I caught up at Masak, which is described as a Singaporean-influenced restaurant. One of us is Singaporean and we left unimpressed. It was pricey and the food did not wow.

We started with the fried mantou and chili crab dip. As you can see, it was yummy. We wiped it clean. We weren’t sure what qui pie tee… it is fried little cups with filling. Also tasty but I think it was $3/thimble for a small bite. The scallops were yummy. B got the rendang burger. He said he preferred the fries (ouch). They were out of the fish head so two of us got the oxtail noodles. It had tons of tendon, which I liked, but that was about it.

We walked to 14th for dessert. Led Zeppole is the sister cafe of the famous pizza place, Artichoke. I actually have never tried Artichoke… never been in the mood for super cheesy pizza. LZ’s decor has gotten more barebones but they still have their delicious fried oreos. I like ’em with softserve ice cream. LZ got rid of their softserve machine, but you can walk a block away and get some from McD’s and bring it into LZ.


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