to shop / DVF <3 GapKids launches early

I got an email early this morning saying that the highly anticipated DVF <3 GapKids collection, which officially launches on March 15th, was in private sale mode for cardholders from March 12 (that’s today!) through March 14. I’m a Gap Silver cardholder – now, I don’t know what the Silver really brings aside from free shipping on everything, but I won’t get into that today. I was debating whether to post anything since it is a “private sale”, but then I saw that you didn’t have to authenticate that you are a cardholder and anyone can search and find items if you search via item name (as long as you keep DVF out of the search string). The latter is a “trick” that I’ve used on some other time-sensitive designer collaboration sales. Update: As of March 13, the search box is MIA. Let’s just say, there are other ways…

There are 3 categories of products – girls, toddler girl, and infant girl. The category of highest interest to me is girls – shoes go up to size 6 (which, I think is a 7.5-8 in womens) and clothing goes up to XXL. I logged on pretty early and there was one top that was already sold out in XXL. I wonder if they will be restocking for the official launch! Gap extended the 30% off code, however they updated the fine print to excluded this collection. (For non-cardholders, that would’ve been another clue that they launched early.) I’m sad most of my friends are having little boys or else I’d definitely be gifting from this collection! So adorable!




For visuals:

sunglasses ($20) / daisy dress ($70)

t-shirt dress ($40)

wrap romper ($55)

banded print dress ($65)

(All images from

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