to decorate / photography by irene suchocki

I was clicking around the other day and discovered that my friend’s wedding photographer was Irene Suchocki! Irene’s very well known in the Etsy world. I had purchased two Parisian prints from her a while back and framed them. She makes me want to get a Lensbaby lens now. Her ethereal photos trigger my wanderlust and almost motivates me to look through my gigabytes of untouched photos. Some favorites here: New York, Versailles, and horses.

If you’re looking for prints, check out her store or EtsyThe Foundary (another one of those home decor flash sale sites) is also having a sale on larger prints on canvas for another day or so!

Here are some photos from Lily and Alex’s beautiful wedding in Quebec City (which I’m behind on posting). Check out her Prada’s (Sp ’08)!

(All pictures are from Irene’s beautiful blog)


2 thoughts on “to decorate / photography by irene suchocki”

  1. Beautiful images. I totally LOVE the style of this wedding and especially love the idea of having the ‘just married’ sign on something other than the back of a car haha Thanks for posting!

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