to shop / zara spring 2012 flats

Spring is officially here. Time to inject more color and florals into your wardrobe! Here are my faves from Zara. Caveat: you get what you pay for. Quality isn’t tip top. You may also want to put in an insole for more support.

Image source: Zara

(Left to right, top to bottom)

4 thoughts on “to shop / zara spring 2012 flats”

  1. you know, i’ve never shopped at zara. i never knew this until this weekend, but there’s a zara at perimeter mall! (the one that you usually stay by when you are in atlanta)

    1. I’ve been to that one! It’s pretty big for a suburban Zara. Shopping online is easier, in my opinion. Free shipping, free returns, and non-store handled merchandise!

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