general / random pictures

Mangled Ann Taylor package that arrived UPS. The invoice and a few items were missing. How effective is Ann Taylor’s customer service? TBD.

Excuse the language. From Marie Claire (April, I think).

On the side of a building on the North side of St Marks between First and Second Avenue.

Targeted marketing on NYC subways.

There was an unseasonally warm week in March. Spring had sprung on St Marks!

Roni Sue maple/bacon or tea/honey lollipops! I didn’t try it, but it looked interested. Spotted at Union Market in Park Slope.

The Astor Place project. Along with the 7 Eleven going up on St Marks, the East Village is changing too much.

Another use for coconut oil. I think this is also from the April(?) issue of Marie Claire.

Birchbox did a box with Teen Vogue. I loved mine and wish every month was as good.

Sleep No More! Check it out before it ends. It’s $20 cheaper earlier in the week.

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