to shop / {sale review} 2012 fashion girls for japan (and anniel vs. repetto)

It’s low season for NYC sales. Frankly, I’m pretty lazy and rarely make it out to sales to avoid the temptation. Got a problem snacking on junk food? If you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to eat it! Got a problem overshopping at sales? If you don’t go, you can’t buy! Err… I can’t apply the same logic to online shopping.

Last year, a group of folks in the fashion industry got together after the tsunami and hosted a sale with items donated by a bunch of designers: Fashion Girls for Japan. All proceeds go to the recovery efforts. They did the same thing this year. I wasn’t planning on going until a friend forwarded me a Racked blog post featuring $40-65 current season Repettos. Due to my complicated email filtering system, I didn’t see it until Saturday night, which is after day 1 of the sale. Grrr. I skim a lot of blogs / blog titles daily and I’d written off this sale when I saw 50% off only.

The next day, I got up bright and early and headed to the sale. It was in the Bowery Hotel and there was a $5 admission fee. Tons of stuff, tons of open space, too much sunlight (I was practically blinded when I was checking price tags from one side), and only a few shoppers milling about. There were a few odd Repetto styles in size 42. There were many more pairs of Anniel, a Italian version of Repetto, that I’d read about in recent months but had never seen in person. I’m always curious (if that explains a lot of my buying/returning behavior) and most of the Anniel was size 38, my size (US 8). Prices were good and in the $75 or below range.

I tried on the suede ballet flats on the lower left hand side, a pair of polka dot oxfords, and another pair of flat mary janes in camel suede. The ballet flats were too big. The oxfords were way too floppy/unstructured and did not flatter the foot. I liked the flat mary janes and even walked around with them in hand for a while. In the end I ended up putting them back because… why do I need another pair of suede flats?

The rest of the sale was pretty good, but I couldn’t find anything that I loved. Pricing was excellent. There was plenty of Lem Lem under $50 – I definitely couldn’t pull off the sizes left or I didn’t like the tassels. I saw a bunch of $50 Tracy Reese dresses (including some samples). There were random $20 items throughout. I was tempted by a $20 Zero Maria Cornejo drapey tank with an original price of $200+, but since when do I wear electric purple? I left emptyhanded. I should probably go early next year.

Now, back to Anniel.

(Image source: Saks, Conifer Shop, Urban Outfitters)

Row 1: floral liberty canvas derby ($135) / polka dot linen ($137)… strange how they are $195 at Urban! / yellow polka dot gray suede derby ($170)

Row 2: studded leather derby ($195) / floral liberty ballet flats ($170) / star suede ballet flats ($225)

I haven’t fully written them off yet. I’m interested in how the other ballerina styles fit, but the oxfords (the top row) are too soft/unstructured for me. You can find them at Saks Fifth Avenue, Urban Outfitters, Revolve Clothing, Conifer Shop, Steven Alan, Totokaelo, Yoox, Hampden Clothing, UK Monshowroom has the largest selection I’ve seen, and farfetch. Out of all of the sites, Steven Alan and Totokaelo has the most styles that I like – simple ballerinas.

Also, Makie has some classic styles for $60 on sale! Sizes 9 and up only. (Remember, they fit true to size so a US 9 = 39.)

Let me know if you try any and how they work out for you.

2 thoughts on “to shop / {sale review} 2012 fashion girls for japan (and anniel vs. repetto)”

  1. I shop Anniel Ballerina on Steven Alan, their customer service told me the size is big and recommend me to get smaller ones. and they seemed to get lots of return being size too big. But I also saw comments from the internet that they are true to size. How’s your experience trying the Ballerina? What is your Repetto size in regards to your Anniel 38? Really appreciate your help!

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