to shop / crumpler soho close out sale – everything 70% off

Need a camera/messenger/laptop bag? Crumpler in Soho is clearing out their inventory and converting into a luggage-only store. Everything is 70% off. The sale started on April 1 (no joke) and goes through the rest of the month. If you’re looking for something particular, try calling. I think they might do mail orders, but I’m not sure. I really wanted a rolling luggage bag, but they didn’t have any.

I have a 5 million dollar home and got a 6 million dollar home so that when I’m traveling, I can fit more than just a body and lenses. I will admit, when I’m just strolling about, I might stick the DSLR and a prime lens in my purse and wrap it in a scarf. As someone who’s dropped every piece of camera gear/lens at some point in time, I can’t recommend highly enough the effectiveness of a real camera bag to protect your investment. I’m also impressed with the “new” models that allow you to cover the velcro (which I happen to love for travel to shady places).

Address: 45 Spring St (NE corner of Mulberry and Spring), NYC
Telephone: (212) 334-9391

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