to cook / caramelized brussel sprouts and pancetta

I bought brussel sprouts from FreshDirect and some pancetta (with rosemary) from Whole Foods. When I googled for a recipe, Scott Conant’s caramelized brussel sprouts and pancetta was one of the first recipes to show up. I improvised it a little by cutting out the sun-dried tomatoes. I also added garlic (yum!). Since I also had some green cauliflower to cook, I made a batch with that afterwards. I was going to add some pine nuts as that was finishing, but I just realized I forgot!

Overall the brussel sprouts were a great success. The cauliflower still tastes WAY better when roasted, but I’m lazy about using my oven since I also use it as kitchen storage. My Nest candle is furiously burning away now — I should’ve started that earlier to cut the smell.

First, the final product. Then, the process. My under cabinet kitchen light died, so the lighting for most pictures leaves much to be desired. Can’t wait to have a real kitchen one day! My range is approximately the width of a 10″ pan and a 3 qt pot. Y’all with real kitchens don’t have an excuse.

2 thoughts on “to cook / caramelized brussel sprouts and pancetta”

  1. LOOKS SO GOOD… I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS (which you already know haha). I will have to try cooking it this way. Still doing it the trusty old roasted way. Did you chop up the garlic?

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