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This is the only Jason Wu for Target item I kept, so far. I was surprised at the light quality (albeit polyester) and 42″ x 42″ size of the navy wheel printed scarf. I love the colors and tiny citrus print.

A not so favorite recent final sale purchase is this J.Crew scarf. One thing I’ve learned about final sale as I’m slowly getting rid of older regrets that have been taking up space is… get rid of it as soon as possible. Either with eBay, charity, or American Express return protection.

The “saddle” camel shaded version was much better, but it is a tough call against Anthropologie’s ombre polka scarf and will be saved for another post.

I returned many lace dresses, but if it’s not perfect (even with minimal alterations), it’s not worth keeping. The truth is, another lace dress (or a designer collaboration) is always just around the corner. And I am glad enough to have snagged the Elie Tahari Lolly dress at a good price. By the way, their Wrentham outlet customer service is fab. And the Houston outlet cs is even fabber.

The fit of this red Helene Berman lace mini dress was just off and not quite like the Erdem Anoushka lace dress.

This Uniqlo skirt was an last minute impulse buy. It’s totally not my size (too big), too expensive, and is going back! I do love a good check.

Uniqlo‘s cool version of HeatTech is here — AIRism. I can’t remember if it’s the same name as last year’s. I wish the fit wasn’t sooo long. I need to go back and exchange for a smaller size.

As mentioned here, the quality of lace from these GapKids lace shorts is great.

I can’t decide whether to keep the DvF <3 GapKids printed tanks… The yellow is XXL Plus and the green is XXL. I prefer the XXL Plus – it gives about an extra inch around the bust. Both are the same length.

This distressed metallic gold bracelet from J.Crew looks even more distressed on camera. I believe each bracelet was $30 and I got them for a ridiculous sale price last year. I connected two for a wrap effect.

2 thoughts on “to shop / prints and textures”

  1. i got that jason wu scarf too and wear it all the time! i did buy a bunch of jason wu target things when i saw it on clearance at target. i also got the big black/white satchel and the black trench coat. haha. all of these things i didn’t see when i went the first time around. i like the jcrew bracelets!

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