to shop / peplum mania

Peplum is everywhere, in case you haven’t noticed. My ideal peplum top has a fitted top, defined waist, and a minimal amount of ripple. It can be dressed up with a skirt for the office and can be dressed down in jeans for a night out. I’d found a nice black top at H&M made of neoprene and regret letting it go, but I have to remind myself that it created unflattering bunching in the back. And how does neoprene perform in the heat of summer?

Here’s my roundup of visual favorites.

(Image source: Zara, Modcloth, Anthropologie, H&M, J.Crew, Shopbop, Asos, NY&Co, Forever 21, and Kohls)

Row 1: Zara Seamed Top with Frills (sold out) / I Can Seed Clearly Top (sold out) / Anthropologie Peplum Ponte Tank (here) / H&M Leather Top (here)

Row 2: J.Crew Peplum Top in Fresco Floral Sateen (finally on sale) / Parker Ruched Peplum Camisole (here) / H&M Pink Peplum Top / Eternal Child Top Watercolour Print (here)

Row 3: ASOS Top With ’40s Peplum (here) / New York & Company Peplum Sleeveless Top (sold out, similar in white) / Forever 21 Lace Peplum Top (here) / Elle Lace Peplum Blouse (here)

The Anthropologie top in the first row has been getting rave reviews. In the second row, I haven’t tried on the J.Crew blue/green floral top yet, but I loved the dress in the same print. It’s finally on sale for $200 (ha!). I adore the Parker camisole to the right of it. In the last row, I’m surprised NY&Co turned out something so appealing (I’ve never shopped there).

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