to shop / j.crew is back with secrets

Note: I am decreasing the frequency and/or length of my posts for a bit to spend time on life and sleep. Don’t be too sad or deterred from commenting.

Back when I was in college, had fabulous “secret” sales. (I think they might’ve always been at Sweater coats were in its heydey and there was a $10 or $15 sale, which was very budget friendly.

J.Crew is back with secrets but they are easily divulged thanks to “friends” like jcrewaficionada, which is a great resource for researching final sale items before buying. Google for reviews though as blog search functions don’t hit the comments.

If you’ve had your eye on a J.Crew sale item online, now is the time to check it out — get additional 30% off sale items with the “secret” code, MUSTSHOP through May 3. I’ll also give you a few hints:

  1. Sale items are currently not final sale! It’s so easy to go overboard with these additional % sales especially when there are major popbacks. I am super guilty of this.
  2. The quality of the factory items is actually not bad and their prices fluctuate a lot. The factory is also accessible 24/7, even if J.Crew delinks it from the front page during the week! Unfortunately, you cannot return these item to normal stores.
  3. While the website updates at midnight PST with promotions, inventory is refreshed every morning. If you’re stalking something, bookmark it because it takes time for the J.Crew sale pages to refresh.
  4. You can return Madewell and J.Crew items in the same box. The return label fee is quite practical for a massive return. Just make sure you record your label tracking number in case it gets lost!
  5. Get another 6% back from eBates!

Some recent faves in addition to the red Valentinas that are on sale in store only at this point, as well as some disappointing full price non-faves:

I tried the Minquiers III and Galathee tee from Saint James, and am still a major non-fan of these tees! They fit smaller than the other styles, but the sleeves are still too relaxed and cannot be saved with mere sleeve rolling. I loved the new Odette blouse from the Altuzarra collection for CFDA (you might recall Gap used to host the winner’s collections), which is pricey for a shirt, but priced appropriately with their other Thomas Mason shirts.

I loved the big-shot dot circle skirt (also way cheaper in stores). I would’ve liked the Altuzarra Sabrina dress if they hadn’t sewn/glued/fully affixed the white ribbon on the dress. It is really well made and flattering otherwise. The fresco floral dress was the first fresco print item to completely sell out at first markdown. Its fit is similar to the Sabrina. Lastly, the factory has two floral embroidered dresses that are a knock off of the Mirabel styles from last summer. I prefer the white/red version, but really, wait for more markdowns.

One thought on “to shop / j.crew is back with secrets”

  1. aw, sad! (about frequency and length). but i did recently unsubscribe from all “fashion” and deals blogs in an effort to make me spend less time buying and returning things (or keeping, so it would be spending less $$ too). i’ve only kept subscribed to friends’ blogs. and it’s still good to know about “secret sales” :)

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