general / smartphone upgrade: bb => iphone

In preparation for upcoming activities, I finally transitioned from the Blackberry (I’ve used about 4 models since 2006) to the iPhone 4S. I’m still waiting for my service to transfer over, but I’ve had enough fun through my wifi (which is appropriately named after a famous bag designer). I’m also trying out the Kindle Fire and some other gadgets which I’ll write about if they are worth it.

Yeah yeah, everyone’s been telling me how much I would love the iPhone. I won’t deny it. It’s going to make my life so much more convenient, especially since I had to uninstall applications from the Blackberry towards the end and the Blackberry can barely open webpages. I’ve gotten rather used to weaning myself from Twitter.

It’s only been a few hours and I love these apps:

Newsify Google Reader / eBay / Flickr

Newsify is so sleek. I can actually respond to eBay messages/offers, etc! (And the PayPal app actually lets me withdraw.) And it’s so easy to upload to Flickr.

And whenever I pick up a new piece of technology, I always have to see how my blog (both new and upcoming) look!

Now, I just need to figure out how to get my contacts out of my old phone, port my number to Google Voice, and rid myself of my archaic LG Chocolate II. It partially contributes to my dislike for texting.

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