to shop / l’autre chose vs. repetto

L’Autre Chose, French for “the other thing”, is an Italian shoe and bag brand that I discovered on Yoox. I tried on a pair of pumps once and apparently sizing up a full size wasn’t enough. They were very rigid leather though. These Repetto-like ballet flat and ballet pump looked much more promising.

I ordered the pumps (which are similar to the Repetto Camille style). They were $66 post-discount. Now, I do love a good black or nude shoe. Click through for more colors. Ultimately, I decided not keep them because I fell in love with another pair of the perfect Jil Sander cap toe flats. I have a cap toe obsession. Sizing was consistent with Repetto. US 8 = LAC 39. The “light pink” is rather rosy.

I thought the overall quality looked quite similar to Repetto.

(left to right) ballet pump and ballet flat

Some actual pictures:

2 thoughts on “to shop / l’autre chose vs. repetto”

  1. Hi Irene,I‘ve got a question about the size of L’ AUTRE CHOSE flat. Usually I wear size US 6, and for the Repetto flats, both 37 and 37.5 works for me. I am thinking about getting a L’ AUTRE CHOSE flat or pump on Do you have any recommendation for the size? Thank you so much.

    1. My Repetto size worked for me. I usually only size up 1.5 sizes if Repetto is patent, so I would try 37 in LAC.

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