to shop / anthropologie tag sale (clare vivier, virginia johnson, j.w. hulme, charles phillip)

My tastes tends to gravitate towards the more expensive items, so even when there is a sale, my orders get pricey. 75% off to $9.95, $19.95, and $39.95 markdowns add up. There are a ton of great items on sale, even without the tag sale (read: super clearance sale), but since I’m Anthro-ed out, I didn’t have to try too hard to exert self-control. I only got this chemise for $13ish, including shipping. It’s been marked down for a while so I was surprised to see it pop back. The original price was overpriced at $148. It surprisingly shipped already so it’s not getting cancelled!

Anthropologie has a great selection of third party labels on sale this round — many of these labels rarely go on sale. Guys follow sports stats, I follow Anthropologie markdowns. I’ve been purging a bit through store returns and eBay, so I’m feeling Anthro’ed out. And really, I never need anything.

I like to track third party brands since stores like Anthropologie and J.Crew have a well curated selection. Many of these brands rarely go on sale. Here are a few of my favorites that Anthropologie carries. The higher numbers are all new markdowns; the lower numbers are to demonstrate how low Anthropologie may go and are most likely impossible to find in store.

Clare Vivier

Virginia Johnson (previously mentioned here – Anthropologie has a great scarf collection)

J.W. Hulme (I adore the simplicity and quality of leather… this line going on sale tempts me the most!)

Charles Philip (I have yet to try these on in person, but am passing on this trend)

One thought on “to shop / anthropologie tag sale (clare vivier, virginia johnson, j.w. hulme, charles phillip)”

  1. that hot streak clutch was 19.99? i was thinking about getting it a while ago. haha. man. i told myself not to look online or go to the store. it’s probably too late for me now to get anything good… which is good for my wallet. :P

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