to eat / whirlybird, four and twenty blackbirds, peels, & laut

Catching up what I ate in April and May. The Flickr upload speed is ridiculously slow so I’ve had to reduce the size of my pictures. Not that I post the full size here anyways! Starting with Brooklyn…

1) Whirlybird (254 S 2nd St, Brooklyn; S Williamsburg)

The #1 with chorizo was delicious! I tried the Waldorf at a later date and take it from me — stick to the #1. The Waldorf was too wet with salsa and the fried egg over easy did not help!

Cash only.

2) Four and Twenty Blackbirds (439 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn; Gowanus)

It’d been so long since I was last here! We got the black bottom oatmeal (which was too sweet) and the salted caramel apple (which was perfect) accompanied by iced mint tea.

3) Peels (325 Bowery, NYC; Noho)

Last featured here. I’d gone back twice — once for brunch and once for a quick snack. I think it’s more Noho than EV. Overall, Peels is a solid brunch spot and many others think so. Just look at the line. However, I wouldn’t go significantly out of my way to eat here… Its sister restaurant, Freemans, is also worth a look. On a celebrity note, we saw Jesse Martin (who I saw in the Merchant of Venice!) sitting on the patio and I’ve seen Brooke Shields at Freemans (during her Latisse days).

Shrimp and grits; friend’s egg/avocado/sausage(?) build-a-biscuit; friend’s sundae which was rich, deep, but small; and monkey bread which was disappointing. I was deprived of real icing as a child so I usually am always game for anything with icing.

4) Laut (15 E 17th Street, NYC; Union Square)

For a Michelin starred restaurant, it does not have Michelin-worthy service. But then, most Michelin starred places don’t have Groupon deals. I had gotten the Groupon prix fixe, so there is a prix fixe specific menu. I started with the roti canai and followed with the chili crab (pictured below). Dessert was mango with sticky rice and was worse than my neighborhood joints. Service felt really rushed. I still have another Groupon deal to go.

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