to travel / where i’ve been

Taiwan… check.
Beijing… check.
Shanghai… check.
Hong Kong… check.
Bangkok… bound in T-12!

After that, I will be ending my Asia tour and heading to Western Europe. I feel very fortunate. I also love that I’ve been to all these places before so sightseeing was at a very bare minimum. I quickly realized that it’s more about visiting friends and family than visiting places. Although affordable yummy food and spas help the bonding process. I’ve also been working on my Scramble score and read a few books on my Kindle. The iPhone is so much better than the Blackberry but it is a total time hogger.

On a sad note, the latter half of my destinations are perfect for shopping. I always plan it that way because who wants to be lugging around a ton of stuff for months? And seeing HK prices and selection after overpriced China is like a cherry on the top of a sundae. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing the Asia Gap stores and have fallen victim to Giordano Ladies (I’m super excited about my new lucite purse), where I’m a lifetime VIP. I’m not even that upset that the HK COS store is closed to the public until after I leave. I also bought a pair of Crocs.

3 thoughts on “to travel / where i’ve been”

  1. Just discovered your blog… ordered some Stylemint tees and came across your review on the Berlin T. Looks like you’re doing some amazing traveling! :)

  2. How long will you be in BKK for! I get there 7/4 – any chance you\’ll still be there then? I\’m actually thinking about Crocs.. my feet need comfort and support.

    p.s. I’m really glad you\’re enjoying time with friends & family :)

    1. Leaving tomo night. I need to come back for 2 weeks in the future for a real trip…

      I got Pam’s crocs. They are a teensy bit big but I can’t size down anymore. Good for rainy weather!

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