to shop / irresistible paris and hong kong

I’ve been super lazy about consolidating my pictures. I don’t think I’ve touched Lightroom since a month ago? So, for my non-Instagramming friends, here is a snapshot of recent purchases.

Shu Uemura closed their US counters a few years ago. As much as I love shopping online, it just isn’t the same! I had a few hours to kill in HK and went a little crazy at the IFC mall. Enough to qualify for their VIP club, which comes with a facial and eyebrow shaping that expires in August. Grr. I love Shu’s concealers and am glad I got two point concealers — they aren’t sold in the US (yet?). Their packaging is cute but I think it’s smaller than the old old concealer that I got the last time I was in HK. I’m also in LOVE with the ultimate natural mascara (which was a push by the SA after she gasped at my eyelashes) because it holds a curl better than any other mascara I’ve tried. I used the basic mascara a long time ago and this is its successor. Reviews on MUA are very mixed.

My other indulgence in HK was Giordano Ladies, which I mentioned here before. It was too expensive in Beijing and Shanghai, and I did not have time in Taiwan. Their style is a little bit of Theory and Helmut Lang (same parent company, I know). I qualified for lifetime VIP years ago and they have VIP discounts like 50% off x area or buy x, get y off. I can be a frenzy shopper, especially when a firm dinner time was set by the elders and the store I intended on going to had moved, but this only tends to happen in Asian countries (I think). This acrylic handbag was a last minute addition. It can fit a Kindle Fire and then some. The strap is also detachable. I love the acrylic look. It is fun and unconventional to me.

No one will believe me when I say that I did not plan my visit to Paris to coincide with the sale season… nor did I know that the Hermes summer sale would fall perfectly in the middle of it and I’d be staying 5 minutes from the venue. I am now a few scarves deeper into the Hermes hole.

Au revoir!

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