to shop / {gap favorites} the shirtdress

I got a shirtdress earlier in the season from Gap – pintucked and white. It brought me through many hot and sticky days in Asia. Some of my favorite summer basics have been from Gap because they use a lot of cotton. Other brands, even sister brand Old Navy and Anthropologie, have too many clothes with synthetic content. While polyester can be easy to maintain, it’s not breathable, especially in the heat of the summer.

The shirtdress is such a versatile, basic piece and Gap knows it too since the below image showed up in my email today. The accessorizing possibilities are endless. Who else remembers Rachel McAdams’ shirtdresses from Midnight in Paris?

In June, Gap released a new batch of shirtdresses. They mysteriously disappeared after their initial debut on the website (same time as the ballet flats) but I do not think they sold out. When it reappeared in July, they also had petite and tall sizes, which is good. The few reviews posted mention that it is short. Hmm, I really do not mind some more shirtdresses… Make sure to check their website for any discounts.

chambray roll-sleeve shirtdress / off-white or tomato red roll-sleeve shirtdress

crinkle shirtdress / roll-sleeve striped shirtdress

Image source: Getty Images and Gap

3 thoughts on “to shop / {gap favorites} the shirtdress”

  1. Ah I ordered two on a hunch your expertise in shopping would mean these would actually work on me. And I love both…damn was planning on returning one or both (the white and the navy crinkle–love love) At least I got them during a 30 off promo. I usually don’t like clicking on links but I don’t mind bc your shopping habits are the same as mine…but better. Thanks,

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