to shop / when you can’t get to europe

If you’re buying a designer handbag, typically, the easiest way to “save” on your purchase is to shop in Europe. If you don’t have vacation plans, and you want a classic style that never goes on sale, the next best option is to take advantage of department store promotions. Many promotions exclude high-end designer brands, e.g. percentage off Friends and Family promotions, so the only time you can reap any return is by opening a new department store credit card account or taking advantage of a gift card promotion. One caveat, the brand exclusions aren’t consistent for every promotion, so make sure to check. LV and Chanel are typically excluded.

Neiman Marcus has a great double gift card promotion twice an year and one is currently underway. Through Tuesday, November 30, if your purchase totals $1,000 or $2,000, you can get 30% of your purchase back in gift cards.

  • There is some fine print, such as this promotion only applies to regular priced items and you have to double dip handbag/shoes and the apparel categories. So if you want a YSL bag, you have to add an apparel item (like undies) to hit the double gift card requirement. If you’re buying a $2,000 handbag, that’s like a pair of free Louboutins!
  • This is an online only sale.
  • If your purchase isn’t exactly $1k or $2k, consider if it’s worth spending a little more to get more back.
  • Keep in mind NM does take a month or two to process the gift cards.

NM has a great YSL selection which is convenient for those NYCers who were sorely disappointed by the bi-annual sample sale last week, or likes classics that would never be available at the sale.

(Top to bottom, left to right)

If you need other ideas, there are Valentino rockstud shoes, Chloe scalloped ballet flats, Bottega Veneta bags, Balenciaga bags, Ferragamos flats, Prada totes… basically all of the mainstream brands that are sold online.

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