to shop / refinery29’s isaay deal

I am a huge fan of the flash sales that DailyCandy and Refinery29 run. You can often get 50% off at stores that carry great brands. For my summer travel, I’d gotten a Clare Vivier long handled Tropezienne bag in brown, even though I already have the short handled version, for half off. Back in September, DailyCandy had an additional 30% off discount, which allowed me to finally check out British brand, Baukjen at bargain prices. I absolutely love the Maryna blazer I got and will review it some time.

I’d never heard of Isaay until Refinery29‘s latest promotion. They have many “mainstream” brands, and the nice thing about that is you can get discounts on classic styles that never go on sale. Spend $50 for $100 or $100 for $200.

Here are my picks. Note, the sale expires EOD Wednesday.

(Clockwise from the top left)

I think the Hanky Panky’s are the best deal, if you need to stock up. I can’t believe they are now $20 each at retail! My friend had gotten a bunch at $3 or something ridiculous in 2006. Sometimes Anthropologie puts theirs on clearance for $5, but even then, you get crazy colors. $10 per pair for classic colors, like nude and black, are a bargain to me! (And in case you were wondering, Cosabella and the Gap equivalent doesn’t compare to the HP.)

2 thoughts on “to shop / refinery29’s isaay deal”

  1. So happy to see the return of your blog! Hope you are OK out there on the East Coast (I think that’s where you are based on your writings about NYC). Also – I didn’t know Daily Candy still did flash sales – I thought was defunct?

    1. Hi RR. Thanks for dropping by. I was impacted but am lucky that I sometimes schedule blogs in advance and my office/gym were outside of the dead zone.

      DC’s flash sales are different than what Swirl was – like comparing Groupon and Gilt. Hope you get to check it out!

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