to shop / baggu small black leather bag for 50% off!

As most of my friends and my local laundry/drycleaners know, I LOVE Baggu. Their leather line is fairly new and not cheap for the style, so I have yet to use any since Clare Vivier bags currently fill that void.

Lucky Magazine’s Deal of the Day has Baggu’s small leather bag in black at 50% off. The small size is 10″ x 18.5″, which can fit a ton. I’ve seen the style in other colors and can attest to the quality of the Argentinian leather. $60 is much more bearable than $120, especially for a classic color.

Lucky’s deals are 24 hours only, so hop over to and enter luckydaily3 at the checkout. Deal ends at 10:59am on November 2!

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3 thoughts on “to shop / baggu small black leather bag for 50% off!”

  1. Yikes – website trouble – code is luckydaily3 not luckydeals3 but the browser keeps telling me I don’t have anything that qualifies in my cart…?

    1. Thanks. I will update the code on my blog. Did you add the black S leather bag? The promo is only good on that model. I tested it on my phone and it still works. Hope that helps!

  2. i totally saw that deal in my email yesterday and i was like… hmm. baggu, baggu. so familiar. where have i heard about it before?? and i realized… probably you! :)

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