to shop / uniqlo x comptoir des cotonniers & uniqlo x theory

These collaborations aren’t too surprising — Fast Retailing owns Uniqlo, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and Theory. It’s about time!

1) Uniqlo x Comptoir des Cotonniers = Mademoiselle Plume. It’s unclear whether this collab is coming stateside, but I am hopeful. Out of the two, I favor this collab because it is playing on my favorite ultraweight down line (which takes off where Joe Fresh left off). I am typically not a fan of CdC’s quality, but am sure this collab would be an exception.

How beautiful is their campaign? All of the jackets are reversible and priced at 89,00 £. The vest is 69,00 £. It is being sold at Comptoir des Cotonniers outlets abroad and unclear whether Uniqlo will be carrying it.

2) Uniqlo x Theory. This one is being called t・down by theory and a little more boring to me. There are styles for men, women, kids, and even the baby. It maxes out at $149 and will be sold at Theory and Uniqlo starting on November 15.

See the full line-up here.

Images from Comptoir des Cotonniers and Uniqlo.

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