to shop / rifle paper co. cards

I adore stationery. As a little girl, I dreamt up opening up a stationery shop with my girlfriend. That obviously didn’t happen. Over the years I got less crafty and also tried to limit the amount of stationery that I bought. As an adult, I’ve realized that people looove to send cards. Especially my girlfriends in Chicago ;) I’m perpetually behind on sending cards so hopefully these pretty Rifle Paper Co. cards (and the strategic placement of stamps) will help me kick of my correspondence back into gear.

As there was no immediate need for cards, I waited a painful 3 months for the Cyber Monday sale. At 30% off, the sale did not disappoint!

Friends with recent birthdays… don’t mind the slight delay as I await my card shipment :)


P.S. The Je t’aime cards reminded me of this Garance post.
P.P.S. If Rifle looks familiar, it’s because they are also sold at Anthropologie.

One thought on “to shop / rifle paper co. cards”

  1. it’s never too late to open one up!! but i’ve hardly been good at sending out cards to anybody for a really long time. instead i just buy them and let them accumulate in boxes underneath my bed :(

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