to shop / my favorite chambray shirt

I’ve tried chambray shirts from J.Crew, Madewell, Gap, Old Navy, and Land’s End Canvas. My favorite is the Old Navy chambray shirt. It’s been out for over an year now, but got a revival this season in colors and sizes.

I like it because it’s:

  • Super affordable. Especially when it’s on sale + code. Get 30% off through Dec 13 with code HOLIDAY.
  • Easy to maintain. I normally wash and dry without ironing.
  • Good quality. Mine’s far from dying.
  • The right shade. My shirt was the “blue chambray” which was the perfect clean medium tone of chambray. The current color that is close to it is the “mid tone chambray” which isn’t bad. I bought one during the last big sale as back up.
  • The perfect weight. It is substantial… enough to roll sleeves up and have it not fall back down, but not too thick. I dislike sheer chambray shirts — they are not true chambray. I do not recommend wearing it to Disney World on a steamy August day.
  • For those of you with a more unique fit, it comes in regular, tall, and petite sizing. One of ’em has to work!

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