to pamper / the french pharmacy (round 1) & shu uemura

When I travel, I love to visit local establishments like drugstores, supermarkets, etc. I’ve wanted to try products from French pharmacies for ages, but never got around to actually shopping at one until this trip. There are plenty of pharmacies around, but most are tiny and don’t carry everything. I bookmarked the St. Germain City Pharma from British makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. I like one-stop shops and needed a few things for India as well.

We visited City Pharma yesterday during the rain. It is massive and looks to be a Chinese tourist bus destination. They even have Chinese speaking staff! There are fully staffed pharmacy counters upstairs. Prices are extremely reasonable and they have lots of value sets. I had trouble finding a few items and had to flag someone down each time to ask. It helps to point to a picture. It is very close to Cafe de Flore (wiki), in case you need to rest your feet after a shopping trip.

My purchases were inspired by GOOP and good old Googling (hey, MUA now has an app!). I haven’t tried everything yet, so more reviews will happen some time in the future. I still have a few more things to flag down! Everything except the Avibon was available on the shelf. Avibon is behind the counter on the 2F. I wasn’t planning on buying Caudalie, but the prices are cheaper here as well and I have been curious about a few of their items.

  • I recently started using and love the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè and purposely didn’t bring it on the trip. It works beautifully as a primer and to lock in moisture.
    • In the US, a 30 ml (1.0 fl oz) tube costs $16. At City Pharma, it cost 17.89e (~$24) for two 75 ml (2.6 fl oz) tubes.
    • You can find this in the US online at Embryolisse, Ricky’s NYC (slightly cheaper!), Amazon, or Beautyhabit.
  • I did not feel like lugging bottles of the Bioderma Crealine water, so I grabbed a pack of the wipes. I typically use cleansing oil to remove makeup. The wipe was refreshing but did not fully remove the kohl eyeliner I had on yesterday. I rarely wear e/l.
    • I can’t find the wipes online in the US, but you can find the water at Amazon.

We also stopped by the Shu Uemura boutique on 176 St Germain Blvd. The US is boutique-less and I still prefer to buy things like concealer in person. The SA says they may cut the US e-store. I hope not! I’m big on SU concealer and picked up the pro gel cealer (which I’m still getting the hang of) and the cover crayon. The pro gel cealer looks like it may have a tighter finish than the nobara cream cover stick foundation or the point concealers (this one isn’t sold in the US) I currently use. The light end of the cover crayon is also good for highlighting and lining the lips. I also forgot my brow pencil and grabbed another one – the stone gray hard formula pencil is seriously the best and so natural. The SA also mentioned there is a mechanical version of this pencil, but it sounds like it has a greasier finish. Plus, refills would be hard to get since they don’t sell this item online in the US!

4 thoughts on “to pamper / the french pharmacy (round 1) & shu uemura”

  1. haha irene, i read this post while we were on a layover at the korean airport on saturday and got myself the shu uemura brow pencil and concealer from the duty free store :P

    1. nice – incheon’s duty free shopping is insane. i hope you got them to show you how to use both! which concealer did you get?

      1. the lady told me stone grey brow pencil would be best for me. i got the gel concealer, which i got on a whim because i wasn’t going to… but i went back 10 minutes before we were boarding. haha. so i didn’t get them to show me how to use it. it does seem super dry though.

      2. you’ll need a makeup brush for the concealer – synthetic one. it needs to warm up on the skin and then you need to set it quickly. email me :)

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