to shop / shopping resolutions #1 – 4

Shopping Resolution #1 | Pin everything I buy in a secret Pinterest board

Finally! Secret boards! This helps keep a visual record of what I bought, will hopefully minimize similar purchases, help with comparisons, and is also a good reminder to return or resell if necessary. For archival purposes, I already PDF the product page and save all stock photos of 99% of my purchases.

Find me on Pinterest.

Shopping Resolution #2 | Keep a sharp eye on my credit card statements

I love American Express and its tagging function, which lets me keep an eye on transactions related to returns, etc. (Amex also lets you search a word over a period of time, which is frightening when it comes to keywords such as J.Crew.) While most retailers are great, some are AWFUL at refunding (ahem, Rugsusa) and hey, everyone’s human but you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Shopping Resolution #3 | Buy less at Anthropologie

Tracking markdowns at Anthro was/is addicting. I stopped after they redid their website because it’s way harder. In retrospect, I’ve noted that most of my prior purchases — dare I speculate 90% — were extremely frivolous purchases that will be returned? I need to quell the bargain hunter in me not to buy something just because it was an amazing deal and leave it for someone who will appreciate it more. While I visually appreciate most of what Anthro sells, I confess that it’s mostly not my style.

Shopping Resolution #4 | Get rid of it ASAP

If it was a final sale item, the return period elapsed, or I’ve had it for ages and suddenly fell out of love with it, I will try and get rid of it ASAP. My method of choice is eBay and American Express Return Protection and yes, I will even sell cheap items from Forever 21. It resells really well, but then I’m not looking to make a profit. Out of my inventory, F21 has topped recent sales. Every bit goes towards “lunch money”. I’m following a LIFO method since older items that I have may not have archival data.

To be continued…

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