to travel / hallo, amsterdam

I’m feeling a bit blasé right now. Or, is it just irene-lag (not quite jet lag)?

I got back from Amsterdam a few days ago. Temperatures in January are supposed to be the coldest of the year, but I was lucky and it wasn’t bad at all. It drizzled a little every day, but like Paris, Amsterdam is a city that holds its charms in all seasons. I also think rain can be beautiful [Exhibit A; Exhibit B]. I stayed in the Old Centre and had plenty of quaintness to capture whilst catching up on sleep. I loved all the different, huge windows and doors — did you know that glass was quite expensive back in the day, to the point that houses were designed to minimize glass, up until the 1800s? Thanks, Bill Bryson. (If anyone likes random facts, you should check out his book for an interesting read. I’ve been reading it on my Kindle for a while now. ) I intend on returning in the Spring when the tulips are in bloom, making day trips to other towns, seeing the re-opened museums, and staying in the Old Centre again!

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