to decorate / a splash of gold

I am not the biggest fan of wedding registries. I’m always excited when I think of an off-registry ‘perfect gift’ — an orange Moroccan pouf was one for a 2012 bride (and irenelikes reader)!

I started developing a gold craze last quarter… I could’ve been boring and gotten the matching ottoman for my leather couch for an L shaped configuration, but it was expensive (especially since I got custom leg replacements) and boring. Then the stars aligned in my head and I decided I wanted a gold ottoman to warm up the modern (and cold) elements of my black and cream living room. It’s slowly getting there and I’m ecstatic to finally be able to put up my feet.

This pouf was purchased from an Amazon marketplace seller. I got another discount because there were a few tiny flaws when it arrived. Amazon has decent prices. If you purchase from it, make sure you read reviews for the different sellers and differentiate between stuffed/unstuffed. It compliments my Target x Altuzarra tray perfectly (which I’ve put on a stand to act as a side table).

One thought on “to decorate / a splash of gold”

  1. Haha, i love my orange pouf. My husband not so much, he doesn’t get the pouf ;) Oh well, i love it!

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