to shop / j.crew factory quality

I’m not a big fan of outlet stores that sell outlet quality merchandise at retail store last call prices, but I have been slightly impressed by J.Crew Factory of late. I’m sad that J.Crew split and Factory online stores… it was fun using promotion codes from J.Crew, and returning Factory items to J.Crew stores while it lasted. I like what I order 50% of the time – Factory’s done a great job at nailing some of the dressier past season styles and making them more wearable (read: longer) without sacrificing much quality. Here are my favorites and can you tell that my favorite colors (to wear) are black and blue?

Row 1:

Row 2:

  • Factory ponte pant. This is the factory version of the pixie pants, which I’ve never tried. I wore them throughout vacation and give them two thumbs up for the side zipper (pixie has a back zipper… what if it slips down?!?, doesn’t stretch out, and somewhat sucks it in). The dry clean and length does suck slightly. How I miss my washing machine.
  • Factory polka-dot popover. It looks nice, but I don’t love the popover fits as much as I love the look.

Row 3:

  • Factory three-quarter sleeve boatneck tee in stripe. Curious to see what the weight of the fabric is… but I don’t need another striped shirt, do I? It also comes in yellow for the more adventurous.
  • Factory anytime dress. This is the factory version of the Teddie. I prefer the factory version for length. As someone who likes to buy the same style in different colors, I had to resist very hard from going for any of the other colors after I got a black. The codes around the holidays were pretty good. The fit is TTS to slightly small.

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