to travel / bric’s pininfarina hardside luggage at vente-privee

Many years ago, I paid $35 for a red, cloth carry-on sized rolling luggage. It’s still alive, but barely. I decided that my replacement would be a hardside spinner, but finding the right spinner has been harder than expected. Rimowa has a good reputation, but they are expensive, people I’ve spoken to still have cracking or wheel problems, and I don’t travel that much to justify the price. Every time I saw something go on sale on the daily deals sites, I would google for reviews and get discouraged. I check my bags in most of the time, so I want to know how the bags survive the baggage handling process.

Eventually, I decided on the 21″ black spinner from Bric’s Pininfarina collection, purchased from vente-privee. I liked the look, it was lightweight, and also has a good reputation. The spinner was such a relief on my wrists and easy to navigate through an airport. However, the 21″ spinner is a bit smaller than my old carry-on, so I still used the old one for trips longer than a week. Then I realized there is no reason for me not to go for a bigger sized luggage if I almost always check my bag (since I’m too lazy to minimize my liquids). Once I get more use out of my Bric’s, I will post a review.

vente-privee has another Bric’s sale going on right now. I ordered the 27″ version of the spinner I already have, at a great price (thanks to credits). A nice bonus is that the spinners come with a cloth cover. I think the cover is great for storing, but do not think it is strong enough to withstand going through an airport belt.

Sidenote: Out of all of the daily deal sites, vente-privee gets the most business from me.

  • I like that they have many non-American brands and often have very good sales (e.g. 90% off By Malene Birger).
  • Shipping is cheap and free for Amex cards for orders over $100.
  • Their prices are true daily deal prices unlike Gilt, which has changed their business model.

On the flip side, VP is much smaller than Gilt and their customer service can be pretty bad! Like Gilt does sometimes, they may also take a few weeks to ship since they source products from suppliers after the sale, which sounds like an outrageous concept in I-needed-it-yesterday United States. As I mentioned here, VP is from France and has been around longer than Gilt has (in Europe). They have a similar sourcing model. My European friend was surprised to hear that Gilt shipped purchases immediately!

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