to eat / west elm rose gold flatware

I’m finally graduating from my Ikea flatware. They lasted for 5 years until my summer sublet managed to chip them. I didn’t know that was possible!

Though I haven’t verbalized it here or through my credit card statements, I am really loving West Elm housewares and accessories. I usually take a while to ponder the non-essential apartment purchases and eventually bit the bullet and bought two sets of their rose gold flatware. It cleans well; isn’t high maintenance; has some weight, but not too much; is more gold than rose gold which is fine in my book; and most importantly, brightens my eating experience.

Along with other tableware and linens, the rose gold flatware is 20% off for a limited time and ships free (though much slower than other retailers). If you have American Express Membership Rewards points (that you don’t pay an annual fee for — because if that’s the case you want to save them for airline transfers), you can easily redeem points for a mobile gift card through your American Express iPhone app.

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2 thoughts on “to eat / west elm rose gold flatware”

    1. I have a negative update for the flatware… will update once it’s resolved! My recommendation is not to buy.

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