to shop / summer sandals (and why i’m disappointed at calypso)

Calypso St. Barth is having an additional 50% off sale, so I wandered over for a browse. The good news is that the stock is decent and some of the AG jean prices are really good. Like the leopard leggings that I compared to Old Navy. While I was on the site, I came across these sandals. Yes, I like all types of nude footwear, so of course I’m looking at nude sandals!

I thought the Erika Metallic Sandal by Sol Sana was very chic.

At $150, it’s not something I would buy without research. So, I googled the sandals. And… I was extremely surprised to find that these sandals actually go for $86 on the “street”. Calypso marked them up almost 2x! Reference: Shopbop and Piperlime. Not cool, Calypso.


Though I try to keep track of what I buy online by pinning to a secret board, I often forget until I open the package. Later in the day, I reached down to open the latest Zara package and found… more nude sandals! I love browsing new arrivals and Zara is usually a weekend activity. As I mentioned a while back, Zara girls’ shoes are a great alternative for those who are sized US 8 or smaller. I’m typically between an 7.5/38 and 8/39 in their women’s shoes and between 5 and 6, converted to girls’ sizing. Most of their shoes go up to 5, but on rare occasions go up to 6.

Note that when you’re shopping the girls’ shoes, you have to scroll to the very bottom of the dropdown for the women’s 5 or 6.

I love the look of these glitter flat sandals and basic ankle strap sandals. And unlike the women’s sandals, the ankle closure is velcro! I’ve never LOVED Zara’s shoes, so I’ll have to think about these for a bit. I tried on the glitter sandals in a 6 and the basic sandlas in a 5. The 6 is slightly big, but let’s not forget how heat affects feet!

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