to shop / summer sale at uniqlo

Soft cardigan jacket ($19.90) / G.V.G.V. No Collar Coat ($19.90) / Cotton Lawn Print Shirt ($14.90)

G.V.G.V. Jacket ($19.90) / UV Cut Stretch Broadcloth Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt ($12.90)

Many basics at great prices at Uniqlo! What I love about Uniqlo is that they post all of the sizes’ measurements on each product page. Many of their cuts are questionable (in that they are way too boxy and I’m not going for the Asian Eileen Fisher look that is popular in Japan and Korea), but occasionally there are gems. These prices, even with minor alterations, are a steal.

See the entire women’s sale here, but also navigate by category for the promotional items, which are excluded from the sale link.

P.S. The baby collection also looks adorable.

3 thoughts on “to shop / summer sale at uniqlo”

  1. Thanks for sharing these finds. Are you willing to share your eBay storefront name for us readers to browse your wares? Thanks for considering.

    1. Hi RR, sorry, my intention on eBay is sometimes to make a profit. I don’t like making money off friends and the same would go for my loyal readers. Hope you understand!

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