to shop / {sale alert} j.crew schoolboy blazer

Image source: J.Crew

I’ve been unintentionally avoiding J.Crew lately, but the few times I’ve popped on to, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of items on sale and the prices. This go around, I see plenty of classic styles on sale. I’ve never seen the schoolboy blazer properly on sale (i.e. temporary mistake) for less than $80. If you’re in the market for one, there are tons of sizes in both black and navy (oh, what a dilemma) and it’s a very very decent price with the 40% off code. It’s also not final sale (best way to tell is when you add it to your cart)!

I consider the schoolboy blazer style to be a classic piece — whether for work or play — and the quality of a J.Crew blazer is excellent. You can’t compare it to e.g. Gap or Zara.
Schoolboy Blazer in Black ($58.80)
Schoolboy Blazer in Navy ($58.80)

Oh, and this top looks pretty nice for $14.99. I typically don’t like exposed zippers, but will make an exception for this one :)

J.Crew’s sister brand, Madewell, has a similar sale going on and the highly rated eyelet hideaway dress is at an attractive price.

Both sales run through Monday. If your size/color sold out, check back early in the morning (ET) for restocks.

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