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(1) There was a frenzy a while back and this Love Sam lace blouse sold out. But, then Shopbop restocked and Anthropologie got it too. It’s a copy of Etoile Isabel Marant’s Garbo blouse from last summer. I don’t have the appetite for Etoile Isabel Marant prices, so this will suffice. It is on the shorter side and runs big. It’s super breezy for hot summer days. It comes in black as well on Shopbop, but it’s too dark for the summer!

(2) I’m not keeping this mesh dottie top by Sweet Pea from Anthropologie, but some people might like the style. It’s a bit too vintage for me.

(3) My favorite proper striped boatneck mariniere is from Uniqlo (second would be Petit Bateau!). Warning, it runs big and is a heavier cotton so it’s not for hot weather. I have two from a few years ago and they both have held up very well. Sidenote: If you get your hands on the Airism slip, it’s fabulous for hot weather. It’s hard to find though – sold out super fast in the US and I didn’t even see it in HK/Singapore.

(4) J.Crew is great for certain things and this is one example. These pleated crepe shorts are a dressy and comfortable pair of shorts in a low maintenance material. They come in a ton of colors and are super affordable when there’s a good sale on sale code. They run big.

(5) I love shopping on They have great sales and I always find gems in their in-house brands. I got this Antonio Melani Nala faux-wrap dress in black during the last big sale and this is one of those rare styles that almost sold out while at full price. It is a great copy of the Issa wrap dress style, but in a wrinkle-free, low maintenance breathable polyester/spandex mix – it has some texture and isn’t clingy! It’s TTS to a bit large. I wear it with the tie in the front. I got my BFF to buy one too and we both get compliments when we wear it! Black has since sold out, but the other colors are now on sale.

(6) This shawl moto hoodie jacket from Anthropologie was on sale and I ordered it many times to find the right fit. My arms are on the shorter side, so I went with a petite based on the reviews. It also runs big (sense a theme in US clothing sizing??) and is easy to dress up or down. Two thumbs up.

(7) Muji is a major black hole for me when I’m visiting Asia. Certain items are cheaper and they have a much bigger variety of items (e.g. food!). My recent favorite find was these clear pouches, perfect for storing my tweezers, a small supply of contact lenses, or the tiny clear mouthguard I’m always scared of losing. The only size I did not like was the smallest one which I could barely get my fingers into.

(8) I’ve been obsessed with zebras and kept on looking for this pillow from DwellStudio but it had been discontinued. Imagine my joy when it was brought back (and then heavily discounted)!

(9) Before I knew my new apartment would have a washer/dryer, I was actively looking for ways to reduce my laundry weight since I send it out for the typical wash and fold service and pay by the pound. These navy striped Yoshii Shirt Stripe towels by Morihata are very lightweight and absorbent. I need to find them in a few more sizes… I also have my eye on towels from Muji, but am not sure if the ones I saw in HK are the same ones that are online in the US.

And recent shopping failures:

  • Everything I ordered from Mango. The sizing is inconsistent and the quality/fit is extremely lacking!
  • Everything I ordered from Zara. The shipping is s.l.o.w. and the quality for the price is also not there. I think I only keep 5% of whatever I buy from there.
  • I loved the style of these keds for Kate Spade pointer sneakers. The sole was thicker than last year’s, but the sneaker dug into the back of my foot while I was trying them on. Cute, but no go and I rarely wear something this casual.
  • The Clare Vivier Sandrine bag. Long time readers know that I love CV, but I can’t say I love everything by her. While the small Escale duffle body is well made, the strap was too flimsy for a $500 bag. The Sandrine body is very well made (especially in a basketweave leather), but I found the top edges to be too structured and the lack of a shoulder strap made it unpractical for everyday use. I have a feeling it gets less structured in a good way with heavy use, or in suede. A large travel duffle in basketweave would be gorgeous. You can find the Sandrine in milano/spotted leather here and here, basketweave here, and in other materials here. I will do a more comprehensive CV review post in the future.

2 thoughts on “to shop / reviews!”

  1. i wish i could try on that uniqlo striped boatneck to see whether what would be a good size! oh well. next time i’m in NJ or NYC, maybe… hehe.

    1. i feel like you would be an XS. if you click on the “fit guide” link, it gives you the exact measurements for each size. there isn’t much give/stretch at all. i’ve gotten a toddler version before for a friend too :)

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