to shop / {sale alert} uniqlo x ines de la fressange fall/winter 2014

I used to check Forever 21 new arrivals at least once a week. The “good” stuff goes fast, I’d say! Now that I’ve gotten older, my tastes have matured a bit and I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in years. Uniqlo is the object of my obsession — quality and durable style. Despite having relatively easy access to multiple Uniqlo stores, I’m lazy and still prefer to shop online. Their October anniversary sales are continuing and collabs are up this week.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been very impressed by the Ines de la Fressange collection especially after seeing her last collection. If you’re looking for any of these items, you must check it out! The sale is through Sunday. More of the collection will be dropping next month. Note: while these items are in black or blue (aka my favorite colors!), most of these items come in colors other than black and blue. I’m also including a review of Urban Sweats at the end of the post.

Image source: Uniqlo

Image source: Uniqlo

Tailored Jacket ($79.90): I happened to be in a store to return a ton of items (note: don’t order too many coats in one order, it gets really heavy!) and tried this on briefly while I was walking out for size. I immediately went home and ordered it. The fit is impeccable on me. You know the J.Crew schoolboy blazer I raved about months ago? I’m contemplating selling it because I love this blazer that much. I also love that the sleeves are easy to unbutton and fold. It is navy but very dark. I rarely wear a full suit to work. It’s easy to bring my work outfit together by throwing this on top. A very mini complaint – the one Ines wears above has a navy pinstripe lining. I do not love the contrast lining fad that much and really wish they did the navy pinstripe instead!

Flannel Printed Long Sleeve Shirt ($29.90): I didn’t bat twice at this online but passed by it in the store and also immediately went to look for it online on the drive home (note: their online site kind of sucks). Despite looking at the measurements, it runs really big, in my opinion, and slightly short so I had to order twice to find the right size. I love unorderly polka dots!

Image source: Uniqlo

Wool Blended Pea Coat ($99.90): I haven’t had a pea coat since late high school/early college and have been toying with the idea of one. At this price point, this is one of the most beautifully tailored pea coats I’ve seen of late. It hits just below your bottom, nips in on the sides, and is well constructed inside and out. If you were to compare it with what Banana Republic has this season, I would have to say BR’s is a boxy mess. I thought it ran slightly big.

Trench Coat ($99.90): This runs really big. I want to say if you’re a 4 or smaller, you’re sized out of this one. It’s comes with a thick, removeable liner and the shell itself is also very thick (not like the flimsy ones you often seen on the mass retailers). Similar to the pea coat, it is really well made and fitted.

Urban Sweats Review (previously mentioned here)

After going through a lot of sizes and styles and thinking through the whole dressy sweat trend, I ended up keeping this kids’ hoodie in both black and gray in the largest size (obviously). It’s everything I want in a hoodie – warm but not too thick, somewhat fitted, deep pockets, and just long enough. There is an adult counterpart in mens, but also $20 more expensive. If you’re female and petite, the kids’ version is longer, slightly wider (hips!), and its sleeves are much shorter. I was close to keeping this kids’ sweatshirt but it was a little tight in the bust and not special enough. If there was a little girl that I shopped for, I would totally get her this tunic. From womens, this sweatpant style just didn’t look good on me (maybe if I didn’t have a butt?) and the long sleeve pullover was too cropped and the front edges were not fang-y enough (read: not special). Do note that it runs really boxy and big.

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