to shop / {sale alert} cos over 50% off

Image source: COS

Some of these items come in other colors, but of course I picked my favorite colors to display here.

Split Back Dress ($63) / Pleated Shirt Dress (back shown) ($38) / Dress with Caped Back* (back shown) ($27) / Tie Back Dress** ($27)
A-line Dress ($30) / Oversized Jersey Top ($15) / Striped Cotton Top ($30) / Silk Front Jersey Top ($50) / Layered Dress ($30)

COS has marked down its sale items! COS is one of my favorite stores, yet I’ve never blogged about it. I discovered it in Munich back in ’08 when I was on vacation and dragged my friend there for an hour every night (after sightseeing) until closing time. Why an hour? Because I like completeness and I needed repeat trips to fawn over everything. I consider the style to be clean, relaxed, and casual elegance. While their US online store has been open since May, I find their sizing inconsistent and prefer the in-store experience, and have never ordered online prior to this sale. Items in the store are organized by color and nicely styled whereas the online store takes a Zara approach. Everything looks so boxy and miss some defining details! I wouldn’t have considered some of the dresses below had I not seen it in person and specifically looked for it online. I make it a point to visit a COS whenever I’m out of town — Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore — and am happy to see some of the styles I was fawning over in April and July in Asia have been drastically reduced. The US store is scheduled to open in December in NYC.

The brand is owned by H&M’s parent company, but it’s not a juniors store, so it doesn’t run as small as H&M. Generally, I find myself sizing down (or vanity sizing) unless it is fitted in the hips or a fitted tee. I stay away from maxi-lengths since their European audience is much taller and sizing seems pretty consistent around the globe. My favorites tend to be dresses, dressier tees, and jewelry. The online descriptions are pretty accurate so keywords like loose, relaxed indicate a roomy fit. There is also a men’s section, but I’ve never looked at it beyond accessories. The kids’ section is adorable and well-priced.

I wear a lot of black and blue on a daily basis, so I tend to get a ton of wear out of whatever I buy (and compliments!). I’d say quality is up to snuff for clothing, scarves, and jewelry, however, I am usually not impressed by bags and leather goods. Some clothing is constructed of heavy material, which I stay away from. Overall, their dresses are great for warmer weather and are sweatable in hot, humid climates. Most items are easy maintenance (and if that’s what you prefer, stay away with things with leather trim). One of my girlfriends mentioned COS is a popular option for bridesmaid dresses in the UK.

The online store’s customer service is awesome. If you have trouble ordering online, give ’em a call. They also do returns and price adjustments within 14 days.

(Note: H&M Group’s other brand, & Other Stories (mentioned here), quietly launched online this week. Its Soho store is opening tomorrow. Use code FRIENDS for 20% off through October 31!)


*I saw this dress when I was in Singapore. I did a quick price check (it’s WAY cheaper here) and was devastated when it sold out before I had a chance to order. Well, they restocked! The front is a typical sheath but the back is a big “loop”. Very unique!
**I got this in a store and the mannequin had the tie in the front. It’s lined and very comfy. Highly recommend. 

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