to pamper / {sale alert} renee rouleau annual sale

Hello from Oakland, CA.

I’ve been waiting for Renee Rouleau‘s annual sale for ages. Even though it’s only 15% off, I psychologically can’t bring myself to pay full price if I know there will be a sale. It was delayed from August to September so they have more in stock, which is greatly appreciated. I think I skipped out on the 2014 sale because half of what I wanted was sold out.

I got:

  • Toning Cloths: My favorite facial clothes. You could cut them in half to prolong a box, but I happen to love the size
  • Anti-Cyst Treatment. Must-have if you get cysts. I rarely get them now but this is a lifesaver… just in case! It is a small bottle but lasts a while. Review here.
  • Vitamin C&E Treatment. I really liked this and never found a daytime antioxidant serum that I like more. Review here.
  • Triple Berry Smoothing Peel. Visually it looks like putting raspberry jam on your face. I use it occasionally when I need it and this jar lasted me over an year.

Use code HP2015 for 15% through October 4, 2015 (in two Sundays). Free shipping over $100+. Note, everything’s gone up in price (at least from 2013) and RR is a bit expensive, but I’ve used all of these items and think it’s worth it. If you’re turned off by the price but want to try it, this is the best time during the year to take the plunge.

I wonder if I will stay awake for the Target x Adam Lippes (PLAID!) release tonight.

Image: Renee Rouleau

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