to shop / muji poncho

Muji is a requisite stop whenever I visit Taipei. It helps that there is one less than 5 minutes away, is open late, and is often on the way home. I was greeted by a ton of ponchos (pictured) when I stopped by the other night in many different prints and colors. Yum! They’re also running a storewide promotion during my stay which means I need to strategize my spending. And don’t be mistaken, late October weather in Taipei means 70s-80s with 80% humidity but it’s been cool and breezy lately thanks to Typhoon Koopu. Otherwise, I’m sweaty and don’t want to look at any wool. I have no idea if this product has hit the US stores yet (silent fist shaking at how long the US Muji store has been offline). You can gawk on the Japanese Muji site if you’d like and then inquire with your local store.

P.S. Similar cape scarf in a light gray pinstripe from Madewell looks slightly heavier if that’s what you’re looking for.

Image: Muji

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