to shop / {purse diaries} mansur gavriel, pt. 1

I’ve been halfheartedly hunting down Mansur Gavriel bucket and mini bucket bags since this post in late August. Halfhearted as in I’m not making any phone calls.

My review so far? (Note, there are three sizes of the bucket: mini mini, mini, and regular.) 

  • The mini mini IS really small. (8” H X 6” W X 3.75” D)
  • The mini is noticeably smaller than the regular. I prefer the regular as the mini is too similar in size to my APC Half Moon.
  • The regular could fit gym shoes, a scarf, leftovers, pastry boxes, etc. It would also be harder for anyone to steal anything since it’s so big and you could just put a scarf on top of everything.
  • The regular vegetable tanned bucket with matte interior can be squeaky. I’ve read that adding protectant/conditioner or using it will remove the squeak.
  • I prefer a darker bucket to a lighter bucket. Lower maintenance.
  • They are amazingly lightweight.
  • The calf coated leather is naturally more pleasing to the eye than the vegetable tanned, but the calf coated almost does not look like leather.
  • The black bucket with red interior seems too ubiquitous… good thing it comes in other interior colors.
  • The matte patent interior is very sleek and makes it look like a breeze to clean.
  • The moss green is beautiful but too unique for my wardrobe (especially since I have moss green ballet flats already…)

Now, it’s down to the black vegetable tanned with ballerina pink interior (easier to find things!) and/or the brandy vegetable tanned with brick interior. Not sure why the black only comes in vegetable tanned and not a smooth calf coated. The brandy hue is gorgeous and the thought of developing a patina for the bag is exciting (kind of like how I would love to garden, if I had a garden, even though I killed a succulent that only needs to be watered every 2 weeks.) A saffiano bucket would be on this list but has long since sold out.

Thumbs up on inventory:

  • Net-a-porter US – Free shipping and returns. Since I’m near their warehouse, I typically get orders the next day or day after. Their return process is also seamless and professional (think Amazon). Their inventory fluctuates often.
  • Bergdorf Goodman – Process takes a while (probably because they fulfill from stores too). My order was cancelled.
  • Steven Alan – They got in a lot of mini buckets, so I ordered a few. One was cancelled. As for the remaining, I noticed that I was charged for shipping despite the free shipping for orders over $100 sign on their website. I went back and forth a few times via e-mail with their “e-commerce customer service” who said that Mansur was excluded from all promotions and that this was listed at the bottom of every e-mail and on their policies page. Hmm… wasn’t on the e-mails I got, nor do I see it on their policies/info pages. If you see this exclusion on their website, let me know. I’m perfectly fine paying shipping for an expensive handbag, but not ok with a company making up an exclusion. Nor have I ever seen a website have exclusions for a free shipping promotion! This soured the shopping experience. On the flip side, I have ordered via phone before and they gave me free shipping without me asking. My return was processed painlessly.
  • Mansur Gavriel – They announced they were restocking at 11am on October 20th and they did. Some items were not restocked. If you didn’t want a lady bag, there was more than enough to go around. They will be restocking in December.

Other sites that had inventory but not the inventory I was looking for: Moda OperandiBarneys New YorkKirna ZabeteOpening CeremonyShop Bazaar, and SSENSE. Maybe I should have done it sooner but I ask PS Dept for a black saffiano bucket (read: exclusively available at Barneys) and am on a waitlist. Singapore-based LaPrendo is taking presales for the Spring (including the new circle bag).

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