to shop / {sale alert} cos mid-season sale at 50% off

I absolutely adore COS (Collection of Style) — it’s up there in my top 3. I’ve gotten a ton of wear from my collection of navy or black dresses from the spring to roughly about now. If this keeps up, I will need to sell the rest of my closet — my collection of COS dresses get pretty close to a capsule wardrobe and since it’s pretty neutral, I don’t get sick of it. Also, almost all of the dresses I bought are washed in the machine on delicate cycle, then hung dry. There’s only one that needs pressing… so gets a little less wear. Low dry cleaning bill makes me a happy camper.

Their mid-season sale started on October 6 and the up to 50% sale started a week later (based on a brief search of my inbox).

If you’ve never shopped at COS before, read the descriptions and look at the detailed photos carefully. I’m not a fan of raw edges but I am happy to report they survive the delicate cycle. Sometimes you see details that are interesting that wouldn’t be apparent from a quick glance. Smaller sizes do tend to sell out, so I’ve placed two huge orders for the mister and I (only he doesn’t know about it yet). Numeric sized items tend to run smaller than letter sizes. With a doorman, returns are relatively fast and easy. If you add anything to your wishlist, you have to stipulate size. I’ve been able to add something to my cart before but not been able to access the product page as if it was sold out. The wishlist gets purged once the season is over.

P.S. Even though they now have two stores in NYC, I still prefer to shop online. I haven’t been yet, but the new 42nd St and Fifth Ave store should be up in the former H&M space. I somewhat doubt they would open with a sale.

3 thoughts on “to shop / {sale alert} cos mid-season sale at 50% off”

  1. Do you usually shop for the mister??? Hehe. I’ve only done it a few times because he doesn’t wear what I get him and I feel like it’s a waste of time! Haha

    1. I do. Some things, I tell him when there’s a sale so he can look on his own. Other things, I just order it and have him try it on and return as necessary.

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