to pamper / {deal alert} shangpree modeling rubber masks 70% off

Dec 5 Update – Shangpree masks sold out! But the campaign is still on and if you like to post mask selfies on Instagram, see how you can generate a donation to Restore NYC.

Image: Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily partnered with Restore NYC to raise money to end sex trafficking in NYC. All sales for their special shop will be donated to Restore NYC. The luxurious Shangpree modeling “rubber” masks are 70% off through Saturday, December 5. Six dollars a mask is a lot more palatable than $20! Shangpree’s rubber masks are worth a try for any mask junkie. There are three types: gold is anti-aging and firming, silver is for brightening and luminizing, and black mask detoxifies. The bowl and spatula are sold separately, but I may be convinced to part with one of mine to a friend!

First time customers can also get $10 off $50 (referral link).


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