to shop / {essentials} inside the purse: delfonics, mophie, comme des garçons review

My purse essentials: Delfonics Quitterie cardcase, Comme des Garçons half-zip wallet, and Mophie Powerstation Duo.

(1) I always have this Delfonics Quitterie card case on me (including workweek lunch time when I don’t carry my purse). It houses the bare minimum — my badge, Metrocard, Chase Sapphire Preferred (2x food!) and my Amex Everyday Preferred. The Chase card is pretty thick so it counts as 1.5x of a normal card. I could fit another card if I wanted to, but there is no need. I picked up the cardholder up at the Narita Smith shop (pre-security, T1) and it took me at least 15 minutes to get over the PVC material of the entire Delfonics collection. Their PVC doesn’t smell at all, is very lightweight, and is way less maintenance than leather. You can find the Delfonics cardholder at Urban Outfitters (and they have other pouches and cases as does Madewell). You can also find more on Amazon from Japanese sellers.

(2) This is my second CdG wallet. My first was a black polka dot embossed long wallet that was stolen in Chicago purchased for half price at Net-a-Porter. Eventually I fell in love with the idea of a smaller wallet and that’s how I landed with the CdG side-zip wallet. I looked around (Everlane, Cuyana, etc.) and couldn’t find any other wallets with the same quality and slimness.

It houses the other key credit cards, insurance cards, and cash/coins. Receipts fit inside as well but I try and keep my wallet clean. I change between purses frequently and while I have a long Longchamp wallet, it doesn’t fit in all of my purses and is in delicate Veau Foulonne leather so unless the bag has plenty of breathing room, I wouldn’t use that wallet. Plus, a smaller wallet is harder to pick, right? CdG wallets come in a lot of colors/materials and I find the burgundy ‘Luxury’ textured leather particularly alluring. I got the wallet last year and there’s no sign of wear. You can find this style at Mr PorterBarneys, and FarFetch. I love Mr Porter’s packaging.

(3) This is my second Mophie and I’ve had it for 2 years. My first one’s light died when I threw my water bottle into my purse and the lid wasn’t tightly screwed on. Thanks to Amex Warranty Protection, I got the first one fully reimbursed and put it towards the Powerstation Duo (the newer model). It can charge two devices at once and holds enough power to charge my iPhone a few times. You can also charge an iPad/iPad mini but I’ve never had to. It’s a lifesaver when traveling or if I’m out all day, or if I’m going to work and forgot to charge my phone overnight. It’s 6000 mAh so it takes more than a few hours in my experience to recharge using my iPad mini charger. Find it at Amazon.

And most importantly, all of these essentials fit in my smallest Chanel crossbody!


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