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In celebration of Muji US reviving its online store, here are my favorites from Muji. And yes, I cheated a little and grouped a few together. Please note, not all items are available in the US online store.

[1] Beige porcelain dish for curry and pasta // Ash wooden tray (in-store only at this time)

The older I get, the more attention I pay to Muji kitchenware. A Muji Taipei store was promoting this curry dish and the packaged curry when I stopped by — I ended up grabbing a couple dishes. It’s the perfect size for a meal and I think it makes almost everything look yummier. And it looks so lovely on Muji’s ash wooden tray, which I also often reach for. The tray is the second to largest size and is often sold out in the NYC stores. I’ve been looking for more of the similar sized PP tray to no avail. (By the way, this tray was styled by the mister.)

[2] Nylon mesh hard cases // Soft case

I have these nylon mesh hard cases in various sizes and a large soft case. I picked most of them up at Narita Airport, so they were pretty cost effective. While they aren’t the prettiest, they are semi-clear making it super easy to find things and the material is super durable. You see, my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is spacious but a bit of a black hole and I use that iPhone flashlight function more often than I’d like. I also have one of these purse organizers in black nylon mesh at the bottom of the bag. I’m not sure if it’s still sold — I got it many years ago. I have a small hard case for non-immediate credit cards/gift cards/lip balm/bus tickets that I can find by feel. The large A4 soft case (pictured right) fits my MacBook Pro 13″ as a sleeve. Overall, these cases are super convenient for travel, herding things in your purse, and easy on the eyes and wallet.

Photos: Muji

[3] Mini chicken ramen (in-store only, don’t pay exorbitant Amazon prices)

Yes, ramen is so unhealthy but once in a while I indulge in a brick or two of mini ramen. I cook it the old fashioned way – boil water, pour over ramen in bowl, cover bowl, and wait a minute or two. Voila. They were sold out in the NYC area for a while.

[4] Cleansing oil for sensitive skin (in-store only)

I don’t have sensitive skin, but this cleans my combination (going towards dry in this cold weather) fabulously. What I love most is the gel-like weight and how well balanced my skin feels after it washes off (whether I double cleanse and chase with Cerave foaming afterwards). It is super affordable. Note: Both the normal and sensitive cleansing oil have ‘OIL CLEANSING’ on the front of the package and may be placed side by side at stores. The oil for sensitive skin has olive oil as a leading ingredient.

[5] The super practical items.

    • Black q-tips. They look so much cooler than white ones.
    • Soap case and soap sponge. Pet peeve: soap dishes that leave the bottom of the soap in a puddle. Separately, I also like this sponge that goes under the soap for the corner of the shower. It prolongs the life of the soap.
    • Travel containers. A must-have if you want to travel light and/or avoid check-in bag fees. The cylinder spray bottles are perfect for facial mist, toner, and watery hair products. I’m a fan of the PE tubes for face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Heavier face cream, hair products, and solid facial cleanser go in the cream case. Muji also sells mini cleaning devices.
    • Pump bottles. I have a rectangular pump in the bathroom for hand soap and more in the kitchen for more hand soap and dish detergent. Sometimes I’m tempted to get it for my shampoo and conditioner, but I switch around too often.
    • Pill case. I use these for my earrings. You can disconnect/connect each case as needed.
    • Toilet brush. The most aesthetically pleasing, budget conscious toilet brush.

I could go on but have to cut it off here.

A short list of what-not-to-buy:

  • Their tape measure now only comes in metric mm.
  • Towel hanger. I got something similar to this and the suction cup would not stay on on my shower wall.
  • While many people have raved about the cotton pads, I’m not a fan. I think they still absorb too much product. I’m still loyal to Renee Rouleau.

What are your favorites?

One thought on “to shop / {favorites} muji top five”

  1. So many to name! Top items in our household include foam seat cushions, teas, travel containers, chopsticks, all kid’s clothing, and hard-case luggage.

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