to pamper / lip balm review, part 2 tinted (fresh, olio e osso, arrow)

Part 1: Non-tinted Lip Balms
Part 2: Tinted Lip Balms

(L to R)

  • Olio e Osso ($28) – Olio e Osso is handmade in Portland, Oregon with natural ingredients. It’s a lip and cheek stick and the color is very sheer but buildable. There are four colors. I have to clean up the packaging from time to time, you can see a smidge of color on the bottom of the lid.
    • Some colors are in stock at Anthropologie, where I purchased it from during a site-wide sale. You can see heavy-handed swatches of the colors on the Anthro page. I have No. 2 French Melon (pinkie orange) and No. 3 Crimson (light blush).
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($24) – Fresh has come a long way and has so many shades now. I used to buy these often, but I’ve gotten more low maintenance (ha) and go colorless on most days. It has a soft texture and feels like a lipstick, but is tinted. Since it’s soft, I went through these often. Similar to the Elizabeth Arden, it doesn’t do well in warm temperatures. Two thumbs up for the number of shades and the value sets at Sephora (though some sets have mini-sized lip treatments). I do have a surplus of these so won’t be restocking on these for a long time.
  • Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm ($14) – Arrow is Birchbox’s vegan/paraben/cruelty/gluten-free in-house brand. This product is relatively new, so I was really excited to choose this as my February sample choice for my Birchbox. It’s cool and fun – in that it adjusts to your pH, so it will look different on everyone – and it moisturizes. The finish is quite glossy for a lip balm.
    • I rejoined Birchbox since it made financial sense – you can get at least half of the retail box value by leaving reviews each month and spend it on the rest of the site, which I was doing anyways. And their customer service is amazing and reactivated a ton of points I didn’t realize expired.

Conclusion: Arrow was my favorite, hands down. If you want more color, go for Fresh.

What’s your favorite tinted lip balm?

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