to pamper / tata harper master class at cap beauty

I got the Tata Harper resurfacing mask and face oil late last year and started following Tata on Instagram. The master classes looked really interesting, so I was ecstatic when I saw that Cap Beauty was hosting a master class in NYC (via Cap Beauty’s mailing list). The natural beauty boutique in the West Village is adorable and everyone I came in contact with was really nice, despite the huge crowd that showed up. (The event was broadcast on Racked, so that’s the effect of social media.) The event kicked off early. Christine introduced the brand first and Tata came in to talk about why she created the products and her experiences. Then, Tata and Christine (and maybe somebody else) took questions and demo’ed the products to smaller groups. The crowd thinned out so I stood in Tata’s line, listened in on some others’ questions, and got to ask her a few.

  • Product formulations took 5 years with her chemists in Europe.
  • She’s been working on a sunscreen for many years but has yet to find something that she would like to use. She’s looking forward to new sunscreen ingredients from Australia.
  • She barely wears any makeup and if she does, it’s the lip and cheek products from her line, and I believe she said she loved RMS. (She had a beautiful glow.)
  • Everything is pregnant/breastfeeding-friendly. She started her line when she was pregnant.
  • The Regenerating cleanser was what she considered the first, good product.
  • Many ingredients are grown on Tata’s farm in Vermont and is used as the base for her products. All other ingredients are sourced from 48(!) countries.
  • While the Vermont farm is not open to the public (since it’s her home), she would like to one day.
  • Before she started her own line, she loved La Prairie, especially the caviar cream. Her stepfather had cancer and this is when she started researching natural beauty products.
  • She talked indirectly about pricing. More on her philosophy here.
  • You can look up when a batch was made. I did this when I got my mask and face oil in November; mine were made in October.

On product usage:

  • Cleansers are underestimated. She recommends double cleansing and starting on dry skin, not in the shower.
  • The bare minimum for aging well is cleanser + serums (all the anti-aging technology is here) + moisturizer + eye cream. Highly recommends masks 1-2x/week and an essence.
  • She recommends the new purifying mask 2x/week for anyone who lives in the city to clean up the buildup from pollution.
  • For hyperpigmentation, you have to control the rate that melanin gets out of your system. She recommends the Concentrated Brightening essence and serum, Regenerating cleanser, and Resurfacing mask.
  • If you want to use a facial steamer, layer the resurfacing mask on top of the regenerating cleanser.
  • She uses her moisturizing mask as an overnight mask.
  • To use the face oil during the daytime, drop a few drops in your hands, rub to warm it up, and gently pat your face. The face oil is a last step for sealing the layers in.

In general, I found the master class to be very informative, you don’t have to buy and use her products to apply the knowledge. There are other products similar to e.g. the purifying mask or cleansers that you can use to double cleanse or counteract pollution. I got to try many products (from Tata, herself!) that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I got the big bottle of the Regenerating Cleanser and though it was the most expensive cleanser I had ever purchased, it fills a void in my overall cleanser rotation (I have 6). I love how it felt on my skin and those deluxe samples were a consolidation price. I’m willing to splurge on good cleansers/essences/serums because I think they are the workhouse products, and there’s no point in working on the superficial surface if what below it is congested, clogged. I also rationalize that I use mostly well-priced Korean or drugstore products (like Cerave) and don’t need prescription strength anything (for now).

Where to buy:

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